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Hip Surgery at Horton Treatment Centre

Hip pain is one of the most common types of orthopaedic complaints diagnosed at Horton Treatment Centre.

It is not uncommon as we get older. Often, it can be dealt with by over-the counter painkillers but sometimes it is a sign that the hip joint is beginning to wear out.

Diseases such as osteoarthritis can mean you experience pain and stiffness in the hip, and are less mobile, making it harder to do everyday things such as golf or housework.

For many people hip problems may be minor and can be eased with the help of medications. They may also be offered steroid injections into the hip. But for some people, the problems may be enough to make them think about a surgical options as they may suffer from severe pain or find their quality of life is being affected.

What can cause hip pain?

Most cases of hip pain in adults that are treated with surgery are caused by osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis in the UK. Any fall that results in swelling of the joint, a fracture of the ball of the joint (femoral head) or the thigh bone (femur) may also cause hip pain.

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Surgery for hip pain

At Horton Treatment Centre we have a highly experienced and professional team of Orthopaedic Surgeons that can diagnose, treat and manage all types of hip and lower limb orthopaedic problems.

Here are the main hip treatments we perform at Horton Treatment Centre:

A hip replacement operation - known as an arthroplasty - usually involves several days in hospital, physiotherapy and exercises after the operation and a period of recovery and recuperation before you can get back to normal life. But some patients find their life is transformed as they regain their mobility and independence.

Replacement hips typically last for 20 to 30 years; they were once only routinely offered to older people, but are now being used for much younger, more active patients. Read more about hip replacement surgery.

  • Hip Block Injection

Where the symptoms of hip problems are not severe enough to treat by replacement or any other surgery, another option is a hip block injection

This injection is done under X-ray guidance and is used to ease the pain as it contains both local anaesthetic and a steroid. The block is also a useful tool to identify a source of pain before committing to major surgery as pain could be referred from other sources, such as the pelvis or the sciatic nerve.

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Which Consultants can I see about my hip pain?

How do I see a Consultant?

If you are suffering from joint pain that is affecting your quality of life, talk to your GP and ask for a referral to Horton Treatment Centre. We provide orthopaedic services for NHS patients and those self-paying or using medical insurance.

If you have any questions about using your Private Medical Insurance or self-paying for treatment, please call Melissa, our Private Patient advisor on 01295 755074 or email us via our contact form.

Finance packages are available via a medical loan with 0% finance, further details are available here.

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