Pain Management

Pain Management at Horton Treatment Centre

Suffering from pain on an on-going basis can be debilitating. At Horton Treatment Centre we provide a comprehensive pain service for Private patients to assess and manage your pain with a range of treatments to help you return to better health.

Ease the pain

Chronic pain is defined as long-term pain that lasts for more than 3 months. It can stop you doing simple day to day tasks and the things you enjoy. It affects about 1 in 7 people in the UK with the most common area being back pain. 

Some chronic pain occurs following injury or an operation when the pain persists beyond the normal healing time. Other sources might be arthritis, diabetes or chronic neurological disease.

See our Pain Management Consultant

If you are suffering from long term pain that is affecting your quality of life – perhaps preventing you from undertaking your usual daily activities, taking part in sports and leisure activities or even going to work – Dr Law, our Pain Management Consultant service may be able to help.

What will happen?

If you attend for a consultation, the first step will be for our Consultant to assess your pain. Through conversation with you, he will endeavour to ascertain the cause – be it physical or psychological or a mix of both. This is a complex assessment to evaluate the nature of your pain so that a management plan can be developed. 

Depending on the result of the evaluation, a number of options might be considered, including:
• Physiotherapy
• Analgesic techniques including medication and nerve blocks
• Nerve stimulation
• Surgery
• Psychological techniques

Whilst it may not be possible to ‘cure’ chronic pain, it is often possible to reduce it to a more bearable level.

Our Consultant

Dr Simon Law is a dedicated Pain Management Consultant. Dr Law’s clinical, teaching and research activities cover a full spectrum of chronic pain conditions and treatments and he firmly believes in taking the time to talk to patients to ensure they have a full understanding of their pain problem. Dr Law was awarded the Colin Blogg pain prize from Oxford, and Faculty of Pain Medicine prize for outstanding research in his field.

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Please note this service is only available to private patients either self-paying or using Medical Insurance.

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